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The word "one promises a thousand gold" comes from "Historical Records; Ji Bu Bian Bu Li Chuan": "It is better to get the gold one. "My parents took this name for me. I hope that I am honest and trustworthy. The righteousness of the word "two or three virtues" means that a person is not sure. This is an antonym, but unfortunately fulfilled on me. I have studied painting since childhood. Go, calligraphy, dance... Today, I have not adhered to it. From the point of view of my parents, it is to develop my interest, so I am too loose to ask for me; from my personal point of view, it is nothing more difficult, can not eat hard In the end, I was halfway through. "Three students are fortunate" because I have met a very good enlightenment teacher since I was a child - first clean Online Cigarettes, I have today's results, more than half of the credit is due to her, she is, use I have been working hard to water my little flower and let me grow up. Now, I am entering the 5th, I am fortunate to meet Teacher Zhang Xiuying, and there are many teachers who have not met Carton Of Cigarettes. I firmly believe that under the cultivation of the teachers, I will definitely From an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. "Four peace and stability." Entrance exams, unfavorable, left me with an unforgettable lesson. "Big wild boar forest" I didn't answer the protagonist (I wrote Lin Chong), which caused my father to blow his beard and blink. Self-reflection, because of the four-fold character of the character. For example, every meal, not too slow, finally to the table. The character clicks> This book has been bought for almost a year. I haven��t calmed down, let alone mention the four great masterpieces - the original version of the touch has not been touched. "Five lakes and four seas" in this just formed the first two In the class, there is not an old classmate I know. Faced with a strange face, there is a feeling that we are from all corners of the country. For a common goal, we work together to build our class into one of the best classes in the academic year. Six horses rely on the sound of the piano. very lucky. I have been exposed to the guzheng since I was six years old. On this road, it is not very smooth, all the way, the middle has been stopped for nearly two years, but fortunately, the level has reached eight, will be summit, and won the gold medal in the competition. Facts have proved that my sweat is not white, and my parents' efforts have not been in vain for seven steps. "It is said that Cao Zijian is a superb student and agile. I am very fond of writing and have a small gain: more than ten articles have been published and won several awards Newport 100S. These small achievements have brought me infinite motivation, which prompted me to sweat on the land of writing. I don't have the talent of Cao Zhi's seven steps into poetry, but I will work hard. "The talent of the eight fights" can also be said This is also related to Cao Zhi. I like this word very much, I like to be called a small talented woman. I have self-knowledge, I am far from this word, but I am not discouraged, I will work harder. "I don't regret" is to describe a strong ambition. I wanted to be a diplomat from an early age. In order to realize this dream, I am holding a firm belief that I will not regret it.
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